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Student Handbook


Middle school is an exciting time for our students! We strive to provide the very best opportunities for all students as they learn, grow, and prepare for high school. We have provided this handbook to help students and parents understand the policies and procedures used at both Los Lunas and Valencia Middle School. Students are encouraged to read this document carefully with their parent. It should answer many of your questions regarding school rules, student dress, discipline, and attendance policies.

LLMS Policies & Procedures

All non-curriculum activities held on school premises are required to have school employee sponsorship.

For the safety of our students, the student drop-off and pick-up area before and after school is on Luna Avenue, in front of the Solomon Luna Building. For the safety of your child, please use the parent pick up and drop off lane only. Please do not drop your student off in front of the school, NUSENDA Bank or the Los Lunas Schools Administration parking lot. This policy will be strictly enforced by school administration and Los Lunas Schools’ Staff.

All energy drinks are prohibited at Los Lunas Middle School.

Grades will be earned according to the following scale:
A=4.0 GPA 90%-100%
B=3.0 GPA 80%-89%
C=2.0 GPA 79%-70%
D=1.0 GPA 69%-60%
F=0.0 GPA 59% and below

Students must wear a standard P.E. uniform.

This program involves all students at LLMS. Students may achieve Renaissance status at three levels. These three levels are graduated based on academic achievement, attendance, and discipline referrals. For a complete explanation of the rewards and criteria for Renaissance please contact Mrs. Chavez.